Free SEO AUDIT of your Current Seo Company In Los Angeles

free seo audit

We hired an SEO company, are they doing their job?

You may think that the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company you hired is doing the right job for you, but chances are they are NOT. Let our experts review your currently hired SEO company to see if they really are executing the promises they made you.

If your business is getting more clients/leads/sales, that doesn’t mean that your current SEO company is delivering what they promised. This just means “somebody is doing something right” and it could be you and not your SEO team.

The only way to know if they are doing their job is to check the following:

Do you feel that you are just paying for an SEO service and you don’t understand what you are getting?

Do you feel they are speaking technical jargon or gibberish with you?

It’s actually pretty simple: if your SEO company or internet marketing provider is secretive or vague, you should audit them. Let us do an SEO AUDIT and tell you what’s going on in terms that you can understand.

Why is the SEO company I hired not bringing results?

These “SEO experts” are simply abusing Google rules and using the following excuses:

First, they are right about SEO being an ongoing process that involves a long-term commitment to content marketing and building relationships. However, you should see your online traffic go up after the third

Second, search engines like Google are constantly changing their algorithms and the way they rank sites. In fact, on average, Google changes their algorithms more than 300 times per year. The tactics your current SEO company is using might be useless or even harmful to your business.

So in simple words, your SEO company may be unprofessional and not current with the up-to-date technology.

I find myself apologizing for the SEO industry too often. Other SEO consultants/experts “promise magic” and first rankings on specific keywords and they are unaware of the changing nature of Search Engine Optimization. Also, there are entirely too many SEO companies in Los Angeles providing SEO services that many times FAIL to deliver results and traffic. A reliable SEO company will never promise “first” ranking results.

Why do you need an SEO Website Audit?

Obviously you hired these “SEO experts” to help you obtain as much traffic as possible.

More traffic equals more leads or sales. To obtain this traffic, you need to be sure that you getting what you are paying for and the hired company is doing what they are supposed to do.

An SEO Website Audit would be an eye-opening process that will drive your business in the right direction. And it will give you the opportunity to stop harming your traffic.

What happens during an SEO Audit?

Kayan Solutions will take a comprehensive look at your website, searching for any major or minor issues that could harm your traffic.

How much does an SEO Website Audit cost?

100% Free* No risk & No Other Obligations

*Usually other SEO consultant company’s fees would range between $250 to $500 for an SEO website audit.


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